Affiliated To Gauhati University

NSS Unit :

The N.S.S. Unit of the college was brought into existence in the year 2004. At the initial stage the unit had only 125 student members but now more students are showing their interest in N.S.S. and for that very reason, the number of members have increased rapidly. From the beginning of the N.S.S. Unit , it has undertaken several programmes like - Campus Cleaning drive, World Environment Day, Free Health Camp, and Campus Beautification Programme etc.

Scout & Guide Unit :

The Scout & Guide Unit was opened in the year 2003 with a view to provide social services in the vicinity of Barpeta Town and its neighbouring villages. The Unit has been rendering valuable services under the guideship of Renger Leader Mrs. Rita Mani Bayan, Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Philosophy.

COMPUTER EDUCATION : Centre for Information and Communication Technology (CICT) :

The Institute of Computer Education, Barpeta Girls' College, Barpeta was established in the year 2003 as a self financing institute. The main objective of the institute is to acquaint the students with basic knowledge of computer science and to train the students to find self-employments in various computer related works. The institute offer certificate on various courses of computer application.

Co-Curricular Activities :

Education in its totality imparts knowledge, social skill and emotional maturity and as such Barpeta Girls' College lays due emphasis on co-curriculum activities. Accordingly, the following organizations are engaged in undertaking such programmes.

English Literary Society, Sahitya Chara, The Environment Society, Population Club, Economic Club, Political Science Forum, Education Forum , Red Ribbon Club

Extension Activities :

The aim of a college is no longer confined to classroom teaching alone. The corpus of a modern college comprises extension–education too. Barpeta Girls' College in its endeavour to merge as an ideal center of learning has given due stress on extension activities and proposes to undertake the following programmes.

  1. Value based educational awareness programme by education forum.
  2. Social work by NSS unit.
  3. National level seminar / conference will be conducted.
  4. Health care programme by Red Ribbon Club.